As part of my work on the WBIT/NIT promotions, I was lucky enough to be given the task to design an IndyCar that would help welcome teams to Indy in true Indy style. I derived inspiration from classic IndyCar designs and combined them with the WBIT/NIT brand to create this design. This was one of the most exciting projects I've ever had the opportunity to work on, and I'm excited to share the final product!
Some photos of the IndyCar thanks to the fantastic photographers over at @NITMBB on Twitter!
Photos of a few teams (Washington State, Indiana State, and Utah) arriving at their hotels with the IndyCar, once again, huge thanks to the photographers at each school for capturing these photos. 
With Hinkle Fieldhouse hosting both the WBIT and the NIT semi finals and finals, I challenged myself to make this car co-branded to incorporate both of these events. We positioned the car accordingly for each team and their tournament as they arrived. Both sides remained unified in their branding, but with differences to the word marks and color schemes to emphasize their unique brand differences each tournament has.

Big thanks again to the folks over at IndyCar who wrapped the car, and all the photographers who captured these photos.

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